Substitute teacher Larry Jackson is frequently seen zipping around Heartland’s campus in his motorized wheelchair. He is rarely alone as students and teachers often stop to talk with him in the halls.

Mr. Jackson’s situation is unique. Facing a life-threatening illness, he chooses to spend the time he has left to encourage and motivate students. When he substitute teaches, Mr. Jackson typically spends the last few minutes of class sharing stories from his past that contain valuable and universal life lessons. By sharing his experiences, he hopes to encourage the development of exemplary character in students. Mr. Jackson frequently speaks about the importance of respect, providing examples from his life and applications to students’ lives.

Mr. Jackson generously agreed to share some anecdotes and motivational words on film to enable his message to have a farther reach. In the following videos, Mr. Jackson speaks about respect, respect for the school and respect for each other.

On Respect

On Respect for the School

Encouraging Thoughts

Mr. Jackson recently retired permanently due to complications from cancer. We are immeasurably grateful for his gracious gift. Mr. Jackson has left an enduring legacy that enriches the fabric of our Heartland!