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Becky Rutherford Named Heartland Middle School’s 2020 Support Staff Member of the Year

Becky Rutherford stands outside classroom

Becky Rutherford works as a Teaching Assistant at Heartland. Here are just a few things that Heartland teachers and staff had to say about Becky:

Becky Rutherford is ALWAYS willing to help, whether it be a student, a teacher, or any staff member.  SHE HAS THE BIGGEST HEART!!!!!

Becky is always kind and incredibly friendly! She is always positive and willing to do whatever is needed!


Becky is a total professional! She carries herself with poise and purpose! Plus, she always has a welcoming smile (well, now she smiles “with her eyes!” I know there’s still a smile under that mask) and in all the craziness this year- she is unfazed.

Becky is AWESOME! She is so kind and loving. Simply amazing!

Becky is amazing, always friendly, kind and willing.

Every time I see her, Becky greets me with a warm smile. I feel like she makes everyone at Heartland feel welcome and loved.

Becky is Amazing with a capital A!!

Becky just makes you feel good! She’s always welcoming and encouraging and kind.

Becky is a “rolls with the punches” kinda gal. She volunteers to do whatever I need that helps the school. She always has a fabulous attitude and is a joy to be around.

Becky is the best around!  My son says that she goes out of her way every morning to tell the students hello and that starts his day off on a positive note!  She makes an impression on everyone!

Becky is always so kind.  She always greets me and tells me hello and has a smile on her face.  She goes above and beyond for every student she helps.  She is amazing!

Becky is so kind and helpful. She is very deserving of this award. She is very knowledgeable, plus so bright and cheery. I love being around her!

Becky loves the children and they can tell she cares. She gets to know them and tells them she’s here for them. And she’s very complementary to me every time I see her as well as to the student body!

Every time I see her, I see a smile on her face and receive a warm greeting from her.  She never complains and always wants the best for her students’ success.  I hope I can be as loving and caring as she is every day!!

Becky always has kind and encouraging words for everyone!  Her smile makes me smile!

I am one lucky gal to have such an amazing lady by my side. She laughs with me, encourages me, and is always looking to learn more so that she can help students succeed. She is an essential member of our team. She works the gates at games, greets students and staff with a smile daily, and looks to contribute to the school as a whole. Becky- YOU deserve this! Thank you for all you mean to Heartland, to our Sped department, and to me.

Becky is one of the kindest people I know!  Could not have happened to a sweeter person! We LOVE you Becky!

There simply is no one better than Miss Becky! She is a calming presence in the situations that require it the most, she loves the students and is an irreplaceable member of our SPED team ! We love you, Becky!

Becky is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people. I have had the pleasure of talking with her and getting to know her while working the gate for the basketball games. I hope she makes her way back to the 7th-grade hall next year because she is always so encouraging and a breath of fresh air.

Congratulations Becky! This is well deserved!

Always kind, always smiling! You’re the best Becky, well deserved. Congratulations!

Mrs. Rutherford is such a kind person and I am so excited that she is our Support Staff Member of the Year! I was privileged to have her in my room with one of my students during Advisory most of this semester, and she was always upbeat, sharing a positive attitude. Many congratulations to her for this well-earned recognition!

Becky is so cheerful and positive! She has the kindest heart and makes sure everyone around her feels loved and cared for! Kids and staff alike! Becky has given many hugs, a listening ear, and encouraging words that get us through the tough days. We couldn’t do this without her! Love you Miss Becky!

Becky goes above and beyond to support the students and Heartland.  Even though we can’t see her smile this year, you can be sure it is there!  Becky is one amazing lady!

Becky is always kind, she loves the students and she is always positive and supportive.

Becky is a super nice person! She is someone you always want to stop and have a conversation with.

Miss Becky is fabulous! She is always encouraging and greets everyone with a smile. She genuinely cares about all the students and it is evident to everyone that is around her. When I review social skills lessons with students, she is always actively listening and will contribute thoughts or questions to enhance student learning. We are very lucky to have her at Heartland!