Stacey Ruston and her family

Teacher of the Year

Stacey Ruston was named Heartland’s 2023 Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Ruston was born and raised in Oklahoma, graduating from Midwest City High School. She earned her degree in Elementary Education from UCO and later completed her Masters in Education Administration there. Mrs. Ruston currently teaches 6th grade science and 8th grade history. She is in her 15th year of teaching, having spent 11 years teaching 5th grade and 4 years teaching 6th grade. This is her first year teaching 8th grade.

Mrs. Ruston enjoys spending time with her family, including attending football games at OSU where her son Ryan plays in the band, and at Santa Fe High School, where her son Daniel plays in the band. She sings with a contemporary group at her church and also sings in the chancel choir. As for sports, she loves the Sooners, tolerates the Cowboys more each day and enjoys watching the Thunder and the Astros. In her rare moments of spare time, Mrs. Ruston loves to binge watch TV shows and craft by Painting with Diamonds.

Mrs. Ruston chose to become a teacher because her grandmother, the Dean of what was at the time called the Home Economics School at Cameron University, encouraged her to follow her dream. As a sixth grader, Mrs. Ruston wanted to be a meteorologist, but changed her mind upon finding out how many math classes she would have to take to pursue that career. She says that science is all about asking questions and finding unique ways to answer those questions. She gets to make messes and have fun every day and experience the “Ah Ha!” moments when her students understand something.

She feels blessed with the amazing teammates she has had throughout her career, and feels that Heartland is truly her home. Not only does she live in the Santa Fe vertical, but she couldn’t imagine teaching anywhere else because of the amazing support that she has at Heartland.


Heartland Middle School’s Teachers of the Year

Year Name Subject
2017 Wes Self 8th Grade Math
2018 Sarah Roberts 7th Grade Geography
2019 Kathryn Ash Special Education
2020 Marisa Skube Drama
2021 Madison Birdwell 6th Grade Geography
2022 Dana Williams 6th Grade English