Heartland’s Book Club is known as:

Book Club Logo

Book Club provides a relaxing and welcoming environment in which students can make new friends and discuss books.

We have two main formats for book club: Student Choice and Group Read.

1. The first, and most frequent, format is Student Choice in which all students select a book of their choosing and fill out a short bookmark (available in the Media Center) that includes basic information about the book, including the author, title, plot, etc. To participate in book club, students will need to turn in their bookmark to the media center on the Friday before book club. At these book club meetings, students will sit in small groups and take turns sharing about the books that they read. This is a great opportunity to hear what other students are reading and get some ideas for what to read next.

2. The second format is Group Read. This is a typical book club format in which all students will read the same book. To participate in these book club meetings, students will need to either check out the book from the media center or let Mrs. Miller know that they are reading it or have read it in the past. At these book club meetings, students will discuss the book as a group and reflect upon various discussion questions.

Book Club meets during lunch and courtyard time once a month. On Book Club day, students with a pass will bring their lunch and book up to the media center to join in a book discussion. At the end of lunch and courtyard time, they will return to their regular schedule, so they will not need to miss any class to participate in book club.

Book Club dates this year are as follows:
Wednesday, September 25
Wednesday, October 23
Wednesday, November 13
Wednesday, December 11
Wednesday, January 22
Wednesday, February 19
Wednesday, March 11
Wednesday, May 6

Parents are welcome to email Mrs. Miller (janet.miller@edmondschools.net) if they have any questions or concerns.