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Meet the Principal

My name is Veronica Johnson and I have been given the extraordinary honor of being named the new principal at Heartland Middle School. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and share with you who I am, what I’m about, and why I’m so excited for this upcoming year. So here goes…

Because I was a military brat, I spent much of my younger years stationed overseas. My family was stationed in Japan and Panama for several years before we ended up here at Tinker Air Force Base, where my father retired. I graduated from Carl Albert High School in 2001 and attended UCO to attain my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. While at UCO, I was involved in their marching band/colorguard program and played French horn in their wind symphony for 5 years. Music and pageantry arts have always been a passion of mine and have helped shape me into the person that I am today. I started my teaching career at Dove Science Academy where I taught a wide range of math & science classes to all grade levels, 6th-12th. While at Dove, I pursued my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at UCO with aspirations of becoming a building principal. After earning my Master’s degree in 2015, I chose to move to Putnam City Schools so that I could broaden my scope of teaching practices to a larger, more traditional public school to better prepare me for a principalship. I scored my first administrative role in 2017 in OKCPS at Capitol Hill High School and have been there ever since. I had the pleasure of starting off as a 9th-grade assistant principal, rolling up with my students, and congratulating them as they walked across the stage as the graduating class of 2021.

This leads me to this moment! Why Heartland? Why now? Well, I’ve lived here in Edmond for the last 20 years and my beautiful daughter, Emery Rosalina, will be a 4th grader at Westfield Elementary this upcoming Fall. I have been a member of this community for as long as I can remember and truly believe that Edmond Public Schools is the best of the best! Heartland Middle School has a diverse population of students itching for opportunities to thrive, a passionate faculty and staff that undoubtedly has a heart for kids, and parent/community partnerships that are the foundation of support for all things Heartland! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something so special? I have the unique opportunity to help establish traditions and aid in fostering the identity that will be tied to Heartland MS for decades to come! What an amazing opportunity!

Parents, I believe strongly that there is power in our connection with each other and in the relationships that are formed between students, parents, and our educational staff. Together I want to continue to build a school community that cares deeply about the academic and social-emotional development of each of our students.

Please call us at (405) 340-2972 or come by during office hours should you have any questions.

Rest assured, great things are in store for Heartland Middle School!

Veronica Johnson

Principal, Heartland Middle School

Veronica Johnson

Veronica Johnson