Heartland students raised $7,038 for Double Pup Dare Week, a part of Santa Fe High School's Double Wolf Dare Week. Teachers and students participated in a variety of fundraisers and events during February to help raise money for Project 66, an organization that provides food and resources to people who are facing food insecurity in Edmond and surrounding areas. From a 3v3 basketball tournament, to a movie night, to a masked singer competition and selling Valentines Grams, takis and other items, Heartland pulled out all the stops to raise as much money as possible, culminating in the Dare Assembly on Thursday. At the Dare Assembly, students paid to pie teachers in the face - don't worry, they were willing volunteers! Students taped teachers to the wall and some brave teachers even waxed their legs or shaved their beard in front of the student body! We are grateful to the Heartland community for going all out to support a great cause!
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Students cheering in front of banners revealing the numbers 7038
72 STEAM Art students created stop motion videos outlining a solution to an environmental issue that they’re passionate about. Topics include cleaning the air, restoring the ocean, protecting nature, reducing waste, and addressing climate change. Representatives from the Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education (OKAGE) stopped by Heartland last week to drop off prizes. As a result of participating in the contest, students received either a globe, an atlas, or a pair of eclipse glasses. Way to go Thunderhawks!
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Two students wearing eclipse glasses
Mr. Wilmes holding an atlas standing with representatives from OKAGE
Student wearing eclipse glasses giving double thumbs up
Student wearing eclipse glasses and two holding inflatable globes
On February 22, Heartland hosted its second annual Black History Month Program - I AM: Celebrating the Beauty and Contributions of Black Artists. Dr. Sandra Thompson, Artistic Director of The Ambassadors’ Concert Choir and Professor Emeritus at the University of Central Oklahoma was the keynote speaker. The program also featured student performances of dance, song, poetry and more. Heartland teacher Mr. Perry even surprised the students with an energetic step performance. As always, the program was an uplifting experience highlighting the important contributions of Black Americans.
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Dr. Sandra Thompson speaking
Heartland orchestra and choir performing in gym
Student singing while another student dances
Heartland students speaking in the gym
Student dancing
Student singing, accompanied by piano
Heartland step team, with raised fists
Heartland step team performing
Mr. Perry's step performance
Heartland art students have been exercising their creativity and engineering skills as they have crafted paper mache masks. Some of the masks are more decorative and meant to be hung, while the FatHeads are oversized paper mache heads that are a type of self-portrait and are meant to be worn.
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Students wearing large paper mache masks in school hallway
student painting black circle on paper mache head
student drawing lips on a paper mache head
paper mache masks hanging on a wall
Paper mache masks hanging on a wall
Students wearing paper mache masks sitting on steps
Student wearing a paper mache mask with a red hat sitting on a couch and giving a thumbs up
students with paper mache heads posing in the hallway
Student with paper mache mask wearing glasses with pink streaks in hair
Students wearing paper mache masks sitting on a couch
At their choir competition yesterday, the Thunderettes (Heartland's Show Choir) received straight superior (a I) from all three judges and scored 555 of 600 possible points! They won trophies for Best In Class for 6A Junior High as well as Junior High Sweepstakes for scoring the highest among all the Junior High Show Choirs, regardless of class. They are doing some great things! Choir director Ms. McKinzie will be working with the Thunderettes to add new songs to their competition set over the next month or so before their next competition in April.
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Heartland show choir girls posing around two trophies
New York Times Bestselling author Jennifer A. Nielsen visited Heartland on January 29. She spoke to 8th grade students about her books and the creative process. She also conducted a writing workshop for a small group of student writers nominated by their teachers. Jennifer is the author of more than 25 books. The False Prince, the first book in her fantasy series The Ascendance, won the Oklahoma Sequoyah Intermediate Book Award. Two of her riveting historical fiction books have also been nominated for the Red Dirt Book Award, including Lines of Courage, a current nominee. She was a phenomenal presenter and was so encouraging to our students, especially our young writers, in whose work she took a genuine interest.
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Jennifer Nielsen standing on bleachers with students pointing at her
Jennifer Nielsen presenting with screen that reads What do you Create?
Jennifer Nielsen presenting writers workshop to a small group of students seated at tables
Congratulations to Miss McKinzie - Heartland's 2024 Rookie of the Year! Miss McKinzie teaches Choir and has a long list of accomplishments in her first year of teaching, which isn't over yet! For more information, see the Rookie of the Year page on this website. (In the Faculty menu, under About our School)
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McKayla McKinzie holding flowers in front of Rookie of the Year sign
Mr. Wilmes's STEAM Art students participated in the second annual Slingshot Challenge. The National Geographic Society, with support from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and the Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education sponsored the contest. Students were asked to create a one-minute video outlining a solution to an environmental issue that they’re passionate about. Topics could include cleaning the air, restoring the ocean, protecting nature, reducing waste, and addressing climate change. Mr. Wilmes's students responded to the prompt by creating their own stop motion videos.
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Screenshot of video with lego figures on a lego beach
Lego figure in a lego boat on a blue lego lake
Paper cutout illustration reading Don't Litter with fish and seaweed
Student working on chromebook
Student editing video on chromebook
Lego figure in a lego boat in a paper scene
Because of icy and dangerous road conditions, Edmond Public Schools will move to remote learning for all schools for Monday, January 22nd. Students should refer to information sent by their school site for assignments that will need to be completed for attendance to be counted.
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all EPS schools will move to remote learning Monday, January 22nd graphic
Due to inclement weather, all Edmond Public Schools will move to remote learning for Tuesday, January 16th.
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graphic announcing remote learning for Tuesday, January 16th for all EPS schools
Congratulations to Mr. Wilmes and Ms. Bri! Mr. Wilmes was named a District Teacher of the Year Finalist and Ms. Bri was named a District Support Employee of the Year Finalist! Read more about Mr. Wilmes and Ms. Bri by clicking the About Our School menu, selecting Faculty, then choosing either Teacher of the Year or Support Employee of the Year. We are so thankful to have so many wonderful educators working at Heartland!
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Ms. Bri holds a plant and fox figurine, surrounded by administrators
Mr. Wilmes holds poinsettia, surrounded by adminstrators
Mr. Wilmes's 6th grade STEAM Art students along with Devon Energy and the Oklahoma City Thunder considered the importance of static electricity and its effect on aluminum. Mr. Wilmes's hope was to challenge his students to think outside the box and develop problem-solving skills around questions that focus on electricity. They explored static electricity by creating an imbalance of positive or negative charges and seeing how that imbalance is used to power an objects like future vehicles. They also considered momentum, texture of the surface, distance between the can and the balloon and how that distance affected its speed. Using iPads and Procreate software, students uploaded and modified their dream cars. They tested their theories and used static electricity to see how far and how fast they could pull their aluminum pop can race cars. …to the victor goes the spoils! https://www.nba.com/thunder/explorers
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Students holding balloons up to Coke cans rolling on the floor
student using tablet to modify image of car
student using tablet to design car
student using tablet to draw a car
student using a tablet to design a camper
student using a tablet to design a car
student holding a balloon behind a coke can rolling on a table
students at the end of a hallway, bending over with balloons to the floor
student's hair sticking to a purple balloon
Hands in a circle with blue bracelets
Mr. Wilmes's 8th grade STEAM Art students considered challenging the rule of thought and the importance of topographic images for documenting the environmental changes in our world such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the Polar Ice Caps. Students explored a wide variety of geographical locations using maps and images such as aerial satellite, weather, precipitation, humidity, temperature, multispectral, and thermal. Their images were simplified and colors were altered to create large mixed-media abstractions.
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Students painting colorful abstract art on a desk
Student painting abstract art in red, orange and yellow
View from above students painting colorful abstract art
Colorful abstract art with columns of blue gradient and circles of color
Red and gray abstract art
Colorful abstract art reminiscent of a topographical map
Colorful abstract art
Winter Break: No School December 21 - January 8 We will see you back at school on Tuesday, January 9!
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Winter snowflakes on blue background
Congratulations to Bri Akins, who was named Heartland Middle School’s 2024 Support Employee of the Year! She works as a Classroom Assistant at Heartland and has worked at Heartland for three years. One teacher had the following to say about Ms. Bri: Ms. Bri is the most dedicated and supportive Classroom Assistant! She is loved by all staff and students alike, which is so apparent by how everyone flocks to her side. She makes sure that all of our students are using their accommodations, she keeps them in line behaviorally, she's always searching for new ways to connect with our kiddos and to build success with them each day, and she builds relationships with every kid that she meets, regardless of their background. We love Ms. Bri! For more information, please see the Support Employee of the Year page under the Faculty menu on this website.
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Ms. Bri stands with flowers
Heartland art students recently completed a Fauvism self portrait assignment. Students explored colored pencils and oil pastels as they considered their visual language.
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Self portrait in black and white with colored auras emanating
Self portrait in red and blue pencil with the words 'wake up' written repeatedly in the background
Self portrait with blue and black blobs on the face, hair, shirt and background
Self portrait with bright primary and secondary colors
Colorful self portrait with a variety of images in the background, including interlocking puzzle pieces, a corded phone, stars and a clock with very long hands
Heartland art students created Cherokee single wall baskets this week to celebrate Native American Indian month. Art teacher Mr. Wilmes was inspired to do the project after attending a fine arts professional development where Sydna Yellowfish from Oklahoma Indian Education presented a lesson on basketry and beadwork. Mr. Wilmes also incorporated a little STEAM learning as students considered how tension plays a vital role to structure and how an over-under pattern secures connections without knots, tape, or welding.
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Student weaving basket
close up of hands beginning to weave a basket
hands weaving a basket
Students weaving baskets
Woven basket
woven basket
Students standing around weaving baskets
Woven basket
On November 13, New York Times Best Selling author Max Brallier visited Heartland and spoke to all 6th grade students. He gave the audience unique insights into his popular series The Last Kids on Earth, which is also an Emmy award winning show on Netflix. Max also shared stories about what he was like as a kid and how his excessive daydreaming then turned into a successful writing career now. He made time to answer questions from students at the end of his presentation. Heartland students love The Last Kids on Earth series and thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. Many students submitted artwork for a fan art contest and Max spent time looking at each illustration. He posed for a photo with the winner of the contest, sixth grade student Makaio S. We are so appreciative to local bookstore Best of Books and Max Brallier and his team for providing Heartland students with this wonderful experience!
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Max Brallier in bleachers with students, who are pointing at him
Max Brallier presenting with screen behind him
Max Brallier sitting in the bleachers with students
Max Brallier with student winner of fan art contest, holding his drawing
Author Max Brallier looks at artwork hung in windows
There were so many great entries this year’s pumpkin decorating contest. The annual contest is hosted by the media center and all pumpkins designs are inspired by books. Winners this year were as follows. There was a tie for Most Creative and Artistic pumpkin which went to 8th grader Katie H. for her pumpkin inspired by Homunculus and to 6th grader Ethan T. for his pumpkin inspired by The Wolf’s Boy. Funniest pumpkin was awarded to 6th grader Ella B. for her Baby Shark pumpkin. Cutest pumpkin went to 6th grader Winnie W. for her Biggie-biggie-biggie pumpkin. Most Accurate pumpkin went to 6th grader Maggie R. for her Hedwig the snowy owl pumpkin. There was a tie for Best Paper Pumpkin, which was awarded to 7th grader Clara B. for her Giving Tree pumpkin and to 6th grader Elise B. for her Tune it Out pumpkin. And the grand prize winner was 6th grader Ethan T. for his pumpkin inspired by The Wolf’s Boy. The winner of the teacher division was Mr. LeBlanc's Jabba the Puppett pumpkin. Congratulations to our winners!
4 months ago, janet miller
Decorated pumpkins on a counter
Girl with decorated paper pumpkin
Mr. LeBlanc with Jabba pumpkin
Boy with decorated pumkin
Girl with baby shark pumpkin
Girl with decorated pumpkin
Girl with owl pumpkin
Thanksgiving Break: No School Nov. 20-24
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Fall leaves